Mortgage After Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 or 13): How To Qualify

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Bankruptcy Is Not The EndFor most people, the idea of filing for bankruptcy can be scary. The term “going bankrupt” just sounds frightening.For those considering bankruptcy, many questions are likely to come to mind. For example:How will bankruptcy affect my credit scores?How long will it take for me to rebuild my credit?How long before I can get approved for a mortgage?Bankruptcy can mean a…

Tax Incentives of Volunteering and Doing Charity Work

Is there anything more rewarding than giving back to your community? Whether it’s volunteering your time or making a charitable donation, knowing that your efforts are helping a person or group in need is a feeling that’s hard to top. In addition to the feel-good reasons, did you know that there may be tax benefits associated with your good deeds?Every year, millions of Americans volunteer.

Single Parent Homebuying Guide Part 2: Costs Involved in Home Buying

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How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Home?When you buy a home as a single parent, especially if it is your first house, every dollar counts. As a renter, you’re used to paying a security deposit and your first month’s rent upfront.But when you buy a home, the upfront costs are usually higher. Taking care of the legal and mortgage paperwork can be expensive, and you generally have a down payment and…

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