5 DIY Summer Home Improvement Projects

Summer is a great season, but with it often comes time-consuming and back-breaking labor associated with DIY home improvement. The costs of getting your house in order can also be a real downer.

This year, we’ve prepared a list of five easy and inexpensive home improvement projects you can do now, while the weather is nice. Instead of dreading these tasks, you can look forward to them as fun…

What is the FDIC and what does it do?

Whether a multitude of bank failures caused the Great Depression or the other way around is still subject to debate, as is the “chicken or egg” puzzle. In any case, the U.S. government stepped in and formed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) in 1933 to make sure that in the unlikely event that a bank does fail, depositors still have access to their hard-earned cash that they had…

Rising Credit Scores Suggest Loan Rebound in the U.S.

The average credit score for Americans rose to 696 last month, the highest in the last four years, according to Equifax Inc., a consumer-credit data provider.  Federal Reserve data suggests that delinquencies have dropped 30 percent in two years as well.  Pair those statistics with the fact that the ratio of consumer-debt payments to incomes is the lowest in 17 years and all signs point to a…

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