First Meeting: What You Need to Know

Now that you’ve scheduled a meeting to go over your loan paperwork, you need to know what items to bring. 

Please take a look at the list of items below and make sure that you are bringing the exact documentation requested. This way, by carefully following all instructions, you will ensure that your loan is underwritten and processed in a timely fashion.

  • Please bring copies of the items listed below to your meeting
  • Alternatively, you can email or fax the documents to your loan officer
  • Note: your loan officer’s fax number will be listed in his or her email signature
  • Please inspect each page of each document to make sure that all items are legible and that no information is cut off

Please bring copies of:

  • Drivers License
    • If the address on your drivers license doesn’t match your loan application address, please bring a short letter of explanation for the discrepancy – signed/dated
  • Social Security Card
  • Bank Statements for Checking/Savings Accounts (last two months, all pages – even if one is blank)
    • If any bank statements have additional people listed as account owners, please bring a short letter of explanation for your relationship to the additional account holder.
    • If there are any deposits over $100 shown on the statement that are not payroll or tax refund deposits – please bring a short letter of explanation for the source of each deposit
    • If there are any transfers into the bank account, we would need to see a full bank statement for the account from which the money was transferred
  • Retirement Account Statements (last quarterly statement, all pages – even if one is blank)
    • If any statements have additional people listed as account owners, please bring a short letter of explanation for your relationship to the additional account holder.
  • Any other Asset Statements (Trading Account, Life Insurance w/cash value, etc)
  • W-2 forms for the last two years
    • If you have W2 forms for any jobs not listed on your loan application (even receiving very minor income), please bring a short letter of explanation for each job – listing the employer name, address, phone, type of work and dates of employment, including whether you currently work at that job. Please sign and date the letter of explanation.
  • Tax Returns – (last two years, only Federal – all pages, no need to bring State, please sign/date Page 2 of your tax returns – today’s date is acceptable)
  • Paycheck stubs (covering last 30 days of employment)
    • If an employer’s name on a paycheck doesn’t correspond to an employer that you listed on your loan application, please bring a short letter of explanation explaining the discrepancy – signed and dated. Examples include parent/daughter companies listed on paycheck stubs, etc.
  • OPTIONAL –  a Divorce Decree (all pages, only if paying or receiving child support or maintenance)
    • We need all pages of your final executed divorce decree/separation agreement
  • Contact info for your homeowner’s insurance agent – company name, contact person, phone number and/or email
  • If you currently own any real estate, please bring (for each property owned, including your current home):
    • A copy of your most recent mortgage statement, tax bill (if available) and insurance bill
    • If you own rental properties: all rental leases for all current tenants
  • FOR REFINANCES ONLY:  Copy of your current mortgage statement(s)
  • FOR REFINANCES ONLY:  Mortgage Notes for current loan(s) – you should have copies of these mortgage notes from your most recent closing. It is a 2-3 page document that states ‘Note’ at the top of the first page and outlines interest rate and term
  • FOR PURCHASES ONLY: Only if you are using gift funds for your down payment (FHA Loans Only), we would need
    • A filled out and signed attached gift letter (please ask your loan officer for a copy.
    • A copy of the gift check
    • A deposit slip showing that the money had been deposited into one of your bank accounts.
    • Transaction history for that account, from the end of the last statement, until the day when a gift check is deposited. Transaction history has to be signed and stamped by a bank official
  • FOR PURCHASES ONLY –  Transfer of Down Payment Funds between accounts:
    • If you are going to be transferring the down payment money between accounts in any of these ways:
    • From checking to savings or from savings to checking
    • A loan or a cash-out from a 401K or an IRA account
    • Liquidation of stocks or bonds or exercising stock options
    • You would then need to have the following paper trail for the transaction
      1. Proof of withdrawal of money from one account (copy of the check or wire, or proof of liquidation of stocks/bonds)
      2. Proof of deposit of money into another account (a copy of the deposit slip or wire transaction receipt)
      3. For both accounts: Transaction history from the end of the last statement until the day of withdrawal/deposit of down payment funds. Transaction history needs to show withdrawal/deposit of funds and each page of transaction history has to be signed and dated by a bank representative/teller.

If you are Self-Employed / Business Owner / 1099-Contractor, these additional items are needed:

  • Business Tax Returns – (last two years, all pages)
  • W-2 forms (last 2 years) if owner pays himself/herself
  • Business Bank Statements, if applicable (last two months, all pages – even if one is blank)
  • Business License
  • Contact information for your CPA/accountant – company name, contact person, phone number and/or email

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