Earnest Money Check – Instructions

Please provide the following two items to document that your earnest money check has cleared your bank. Carefully read the following directions for each item to make sure that the exact item is being provided, so that the processing of your loan is not delayed.

(1) A copy of the cleared earnest money check

  • Can usually be obtained by logging on to online banking and printing an image of the front/back of the cleared check
  • You can also call your bank and have them fax the form to your loan officer (the fax number would be listed in his/her email signature)
  • Another way to obtain a copy of the cleared check would be to stop by your bank and have a bank officer print you a copy of the check

(2) Transaction history for the same account from which the check (or a money order) was drawn. 

  • Transaction history needs to begin on the day after the end of your last statement and end on the day when you are requesting it
  • Each page of transaction history has to be stamped and signed by your bank official. Note: Unsigned/online transaction history printouts are not acceptable
  • You can usually call your bank and have them fax (stamped and signed) transaction history to your loan officer
  • Otherwise, you could stop by the bank and have a bank officer print you a copy of the cleared check and signed/stamped transaction history
  • Please note: if transaction history shows any non-payroll deposits, please get copies of deposit slips and deposit contents for each deposit, as well as a signed letter of explanation for the source of that deposit
  • Please note: if transaction history references transfers from/to any other account, the lender would need to see transaction history (also signed and stamped) for the other account

Please try to provide the above 2 items as soon as you can. You can call or email your loan officer with any questions.


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