Home Prices: How To Get The Best Deal On Your Flips

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High Home Prices On A Flip Require Skill
When home prices are on the move, there’s money to be made. Scoring a nice price on a home flip can make you feel like a million bucks.

But don’t kid yourself. Buying a home and trying to “flip” it by fixing it up fast and selling it for top dollar can be harder than you expect. You need the right skills, resources and funding to profit from…

FHA Mortgages for First-Time Home Buyers

FHA Home LoansFHA Home Loans are mortgages insured by the Federal Housing Administration that feature lower underwriting standards and rates than conventional loans, along with lower minimum down payments of 3.5%.  Additionally FHA borrowers are required to pay for mortgage insurance (MIP) to protect the lender in the event of a default.FHA Loans Are Flexible And AccessibleHome buyers today…

VA Loans & Interest Rates: 10 Reasons To Get a VA Mortgage

VA Loan RatesVA loan rates are the interest rates assigned to loans which are guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs under its Home Loan Guaranty program. The VA Home Loan Guaranty program protects mortgage lenders against loss, which allows banks to offer reduced rates to borrowers. VA mortgage rates can sometimes be up to 100 basis points (1.00%) or more below rates for comparab…

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